27. Jul, 2013

Where is PEMRA?

Where is PEMRA?

Private television channels are working without any check and balance by the authority that was designated the task of regulating them. Ramazan transmissions of most of the private channels are being hosted by actors, models and morning-show-hosts, who have no or very little knowledge about Islam and the injunctions of Quran and Sunnah. Likewise, most [...]

06. May, 2012

Sowing the Seeds of Hate in Pakistan

Drone Attacks in Pakistan

It’s been a decade when the US invaded Afghanistan with the world’s most modern and well-trained military force including troops of more than 40 countries equipped with latest weaponry. After spending a large span of ten years and billions of dollars, the US and its allies are not in a position to claim that they [...]

13. Oct, 2011

Pakistan Decides to Grant MFN Status to India

Dancers hold India and Pakistan flags before the ICC World T20 final

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that the country has made a principled decision to grant the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to the neighbouring country of India. “A principled decision has been made to declare India as a Most Favoured Nation,” she said responding to a question in a point of order during [...]

11. Oct, 2011

Dengue wreaks havoc in Pakistan


Rana Shamim Ahmad Khan, former Deputy Speaker of Pakistan’s biggest province of Punjab’s provincial assembly, is among 9 who died of dengue fever in last two days. Mr Khan was elected as Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker in 1970 and he was under treatment at Sheikh Zayed Hosptial, Lahore. According to health department of Punjab, six [...]

09. Oct, 2011

Kashmir Earthquake: 6 years gone

UNHCR for Quake Victims

8 October 2005 was one of the very unfortunate days for the Pakistani nation. It was the day when Pakistan-administered Kashmir and tribal areas of the country were severely struck by the 7.6 magnitude of earthquake which jolted the whole nation. The calamity killed around 80 thousand people whereas more than 100,000 people were injured. [...]

08. Oct, 2011

Journalist killed in Lahore, Pakistan


A young web-based journalist has been killed in the Pakistani city of Lahore. Faisal Qureshi, 28, used to live alone in his house situated in Bhatti Street of Lahore’s Wifaqi Colony. The deceased was Web Editor of The London Post and was younger brother of Dr Shahid Qureshi, a journalist based in London. According to [...]

16. Sep, 2010

Hate-mongers versus Peace-lovers


A few days back Asad Mufti wrote in his column: “Analysts are of the view (and they are right) that America has always been a radical country. During the tenure of President Kennedy, Cuba just escaped from being attacked, President Richard Nixon attacked on Vietnam, President Ronald Regan targeted Libya, President Clinton invaded Sudan and [...]

23. Aug, 2010

The Sialkot Incident


I saw the unedited-footage of that brutality on the internet and I could not sleep for more than last 30 hours. Whenever I go to bed and try to sleep it seems as I am lying on that very road where the terrifying incident took place about a week ago. This barbaric incident shows that [...]

18. May, 2010

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